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How to send money through JmTrax

Are you sending money to family, friends, contractors, suppliers or paying bills in Nigeria? Do you have a reason to send money to Nigeria? JmTrax has the best money transfer service to Nigeria.


1. Get a free registration

Typically, your initial money transfer means that you will have to register before you are able to log into the secure portal to send money. The system requires a valid telephone number address and email.


2. Choose the amount you want to send/receive

Our money transfer calculator clearly displays your transfer charges as well as the exchange rate that is used to compute the amount which your beneficiary shall be receiving.


3. Add the bank details of the recipient

At this stage, you will need to carefully fill in the Full Name, the Bank Account information (the bank name and the corresponding account number), the telephone number of the beneficiary.


4. Verification of your identity

You may be asked to verify your identity before proceeding with your transaction. Our identity verification procedure is secure and simple. (Documents needed are either valid photo ID)


5. Making the payment for the transfer

Payment for any JmTrax transaction can be done with the use of your personal UK-based bank account. Please use your name as a reference.


6. Transaction Completed!!!

Your beneficiary would get the money sent that same day or within a period of 1 hour. The money will be deposited in their bank account.

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Why Choose Us?

JmTrax money transfer has just one primary goal: To easily process your transfer with the simplest and most possible method. We guarantee that all our clients get their transfers done at fantastic exchange rates in addition to a competitive fee structure, through the comfortable transfer system that is provided by our 24-hour online service for money transfer.

  • Professional and efficient staff
  • No fees charged in Nigeria
  • Good regional coverage
  • Good reputation
  • A user-friendly system.
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